Our Community, Our Children – African American Collaborative

A Strategic Initiative to Reduce the Disproportionate Number of African American Children Growing Up in Foster Care in Sacramento County


Our Community, Our Children is a community collaborative comprised of public and private organizations, as well as individual advocates who have assembled together for one goal: to reduce the disproportionate amount of African American children who are growing up in foster care without finding a forever family.

The statistics are staggering. A significant amount of African American children are growing up in foster care with multiple moves, which lead to multiple losses and trauma. If we don’t address this crisis immediately, over 50% of these youth will be homeless, in prison or dead by the age of 22.

African American children are disproportionately growing up in the child welfare system and are the least likely to attain legal permanence. We believe that no child is unlovable or unadoptable and that foster care was never meant to be a permanent solution

Our vision is for every child to have a safe, loving home where they are allowed to make mistakes, learn from them, grow and thrive without fear of rejection or continual displacement.

Program Goal
The goal of the program is that all African American children living in foster care will find permanency (reunification, adoption or legal guardianship), in a safe, loving home, with unconditional love, commitment, and support.

This is a true collaborative. This is a community-led initiative and is about the collective effort of all affecting change in their immediate communities and spheres of influence.


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