Adopt a Child by Angelina

Adopt a Child by Angelina

Everyone should adopt a child, as Angelina wrote in an essay for her third grade class assignment. Angelina was adopted by one of Sierra Forever Families Ambassador Families when she was 7. Thank you Angelina for sharing your thoughts on adoption with all of us.

Adopt a Child by Angelina

Everyone should adopt a child. There are many feelings from a child who needs a family. First, the child knows they have a family who they know can look after them. Next, the child soon learns right from wrong and becomes a better person. Finally, the child feels safe instead of worrying about how much food they have or their clothes being ripped.

There also is very little love in their heart because they don’t know what love is. You can show love to the child and then the child will know there are people who love them. The child will feel good about themselves when they hug them. The child talks about their past you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself. You should feel proud because the child feels like they can thrust you to not laugh at them when they say something uncomfortable.

Finally, the child gets used to the family and the house is called home. First, the child forgets the past and learns there are people that love them. There are better times for the child and for you. Next, the child thinks ahead and you are part of their life forever. Your new name eventually will be Mom and Dad. Finally, you have a new relationship and you can adopt the child.

Everyone should adopt a child. The child has feelings, love unknown, and a house called home.

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