Finding Strength – A Poem

Finding Strength – A Poem

Youth Speak Out at Sierra Forever Families is a program for teens and transition age youth who have experienced being in the foster care system.  The purpose of Youth Speak Out is to bring youth together to advocate for positive system change within the child welfare system. Youth Speak Out is a youth driven program where youth are the leaders and decide the direction of the group. They are able to share their stories through different forms of expression such as poetry, spoken word, art, dance, and public speaking.  Currently, Youth Speak Out are focusing on doing panel presentations to parent support groups and on educating the community on the negative labels they place on youth in foster care. The youth who wrote this poem decided that she wanted she share her experiences and has shared this poem at different parent support groups.


You can accept or reject the way you’re treated by others.
But there will be a time where you’ll have to heal the wounds of your past.
Until you do so, you will continue to bleed.
Of course you can bandage the bleeding with food, or alcohol,
with drugs or sex, even work,
but eventually it will lose through and stay and stain your life.
Find the strength to open the wounds, stick your hands inside,
pull out the core of the pain that’s holding you in your past,
the memories and make peace with them.


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