Support Services After Adoption – Part II

Support Services After Adoption – Part II

This is part two of our series on the supports available to families and children who are adopted from foster care.  In our first blog, we explained some of the benefits of the Adoption Assistance program (AAP).  In this blog, we’ll explain some additional benefits for families and children.

  1. When a child is eligible for Adoption Assistance a family may choose not to use the benefits or the child/children do not require immediate benefits. In those instances, the family can sign a deferred Adoption Assistance agreement.  With that, the child retains eligibility for the AAP benefits that can be used in the future, including Medi-Cal, if special needs develop.
  2. Services that Medi-Cal covers include counseling, psychiatric services, medication, and mental health treatment for children and families.
  3. What if an Adoption Assistance determination was not made before finalization or family circumstances changed that would impact the original Adoption Assistance agreement? A family can submit a Request for Adoption Assistance Program (AAP1) form after finalization.  Adoptive parents may request a change in the AAP agreement at any time.  No form is necessary to request a change.  However, a parent may be asked to complete the Reassessment Information form (AAP3).
  4. Respite care is available for developmentally disabled children. Parents can search the ARCH National Respite Network Respite Locator Service ( by state to find respite options in California.
  5. Post adoption services are available in many counties. At Sierra Forever Families we provide a host of Post Adoption Services, including Therapeutic Support Services, Support Groups, Information Referrals, trainings on specific adoption topics, education materials and more.

The resources available to families who adopt from foster care are designed to support them through life’s journey. At Sierra, we walk alongside our families and are always there for them, whether it is one year after finalization or ten years.  To learn more about adopting children from foster care, come in for an orientation.  Check out our website for more information,

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