A Scared Child’s Tears

A Scared Child’s Tears

To Lauri and Bob…

I know of a man who worked hard all his life to make a nice home from himself and his wife.
They had time and the means to frolic and play, until they heard… a child’s cry one day.

There are children in need, they live on the street, they’re fearful and battered, no food to eat.
We all have our crosses, we all have our fears but nothing  comes close to a scared child’s tears.

“We have time and resources and room to spare, and love to give and food to share”.
So they took 2 in to stay for a while, and tears turned to joy and learned how to smile.
“God gave us a life, everything that we need, it’s time to give back a re sow the seed”.

There are so many out there… so many more, they couldn’t say no, so now they have four.
Their sweet little faces, “who’d forsake you? There are those out there, There are those who do!”

I hear people whisper, “They should take time and play, life is short, they’ll be old one day”.
“We all make our choices, we all pay the dues.
We know what we give up… But They deserve a life too.
Don’t pity us, we’ve had so many good years, so much better, than a scared child’s tears”!

It’s best not to judge the good others do, but to ask of ourselves, “what can we do”?
We can’t adopt, life’s modest at best, we’ll donate some time and give them a rest!

We have some time to go out and play, let’s go pick them up and let’s spend the day!
We’ll teach you to kayak, we’ll go pan for gold, lets take out some time before you’re too old.

These kids just want family, just someone to care, life’s not always life that, life’s not always fair.
Do we turn out heads and plug our ears, or be grateful to those who stop a scared child’s tears.

Written by Debra Butler Engelbrite
October 5, 2015


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