About Us

Our Mission

Transforming the lives of children in foster care by building and nurturing permanent families.

Who We Are

Sierra Forever Families is a private, nonprofit agency that facilitates the development of forever families by making the best possible connections between children and families. We know that adoption is a very personal and emotional process for all involved, and our goal is to equip children and parents for success.

We aren’t focused on creating the most families; we’re focused on creating the most stable and caring families.

Our Beliefs

  • Sierra Forever Families believes every child deserves to grow up in an unconditionally committed home. While some children might need temporary care, no child should grow up in temporary care and all children deserve and need a forever family to call their own.
  • As part of our work to equip children and parents for success, we focus on educating families about the foster-adoption process and setting realistic expectations. Please use our website as a resource as you navigate the journey, and take advantage of the training and resources we offer along the way.

Agency Fact Sheet

Read our Agency Fact Sheet to learn about Sierra Forever Families’
honors, accreditations, facts and statistics.

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