Build a Forever Family Through Adoption

Build a Forever Family Through Adoption

As a professional who is privileged to work in adoptions, I can only describe the process as amazing. In adoptions, we ask children to trust that near strangers will take care of them and love them forever. This is a tall order because these children have put their trust in adults who then hurt and disappointed them.

Sometimes we tell our adoptive families that what we’re asking of the children is a little like committing to marriage after only a few dates. If we are truthful about our fears and vulnerabilities, we know there’s a reason we get engaged for a time instead of just rushing out to elope after falling in love. We are asking children in foster care who need adoptive families to trust and hope when those qualities have been stolen from them in the past. We are hoping the children will allow their hearts to be melted in the same way they have melted the hearts of their prospective adoptive parents.

We call on our families to be flexible, empathetic and supportive and to commit to children permanently. We all change and develop based on our experiences, and it is no different for children coming from foster care. We do our best to learn as much as possible about the children prior to placement in a family. We need families who can accept that our children come from adverse backgrounds, and that their growing up journey may be difficult at times. They need parents who will stick by their side, obtaining whatever support is necessary to continue their healing path. While love is vital, adopted children need more than love to feel as whole as possible. Without loss, adoption could not occur, and we must remember that, for our adopted children, loss was the beginning of their journey.

Our families, like all parents, benefit from being flexible and patient and having realistic expectations and, of course, a sense of humor. Our children need to know that, even on their worst days, their craving for love, acceptance and safety will always be satisfied. Working at Sierra Forever Families, I have been afforded the great privilege of witnessing the birth of hope and amazing family connections every day. We appreciate and celebrate that the definition of family is fluid. There is a right family for EVERY child.

If you have interest in learning more about the adoption process, please join us for one our Orientations which occur on the 2nd Monday of every month at our Sacramento office.

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