Calling All Heroes!

Calling All Heroes!

In 2016, Michael and his wife, Rochelle adopted two children through Sierra.  According to Michael, “we really appreciated all the support Sierra gave us through the adoption process and we were looking for an opportunity to give back.”  Michael solicited his children’s help, along with friends from social media and day care, to draw superhero pictures for the Big Day of Giving videos he was working on.  For so many of the superheroes that we grew up idolizing and that our children look up to, adoption is a significant factor in their stories.  Just think, what if Spider-Man didn’t have a loving family to adopt him?  What if the Kent’s had never found Superman in a field in Kansas?  Finally, where would Batman be if he never decided to mentor a young boy by the name of Robin?



All children need families and mentors to love and guide them.

Follow us over the next two weeks and see all the different superheroes these kids drew in support of Sierra’s mission to find families who are willing to open their hearts and homes to local children in foster care.

Like these children, you don’t have to wait for the Big Day of Giving to support Sierra!  You can be a hero today and schedule your donation early by clicking HERE.

Your scheduled donation will post on May 4th during the 24 hour giving day! #BDOG2017


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