Donate a Vehicle

Drive Change. Donate a vehicle today.

Your donated vehicle will provide critical funding to Sierra Forever Families and further our mission while supporting our goals. By donating your vehicle you could also earn a tax deduction.

We have a partnership with IAA to process and sell the vehicles donated to us. They provide us with a simple solution to turn donated vehicles into much-needed dollars. We accept every type of vehicle, including:


Cars  |  Boats  |  Snowmobiles  |  Heavy Equipment  |  Trucks  |  Motorcycles  |  Personal Watercraft


The process of donating is quick and easy – simply CLICK HERE to fill out the inquiry form. Towing is free and scheduled for your convenience.


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For more information about donating a vehicle contact:
Christie Shorrock

Or, if you’re looking for a way to support Sierra sooner, click the button below.


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