Great ideas to do with your foster child over summer!

Great ideas to do with your foster child over summer!

Summer’s here! What to do with your foster child.

  1. Children in foster care, like all children, benefit from a summer of exploration and learning but summer learning is especially important for kids in foster care. Often their education has been disrupted by multiple moves, potentially causing them to fall behind academically.  Summer is a great time for them to catch up.
  2. Summer learning can be structured to be fun. You and your child can pick a topic together to explore.  For example if it’s dinosaurs you can go to the museum and look at the dinosaur exhibits, study the fossils, or watch dinosaur movies together, or read a book about them.  You can build an outdoor dinosaur park in your backyard.  The fun part is picking the topic together and figuring out the different avenues for exploration.
  3. Plan new activities your foster child never has done before. Go to the beach, the lake, go to a baseball game, or take a bike ride down by the river.  Often children in foster care don’t have opportunities like these.  By creating these first experiences for your kiddo, you will be building shared memories and establishing traditions that your new family can build on year after year.
  4. Turn the tables around and use summer’s free time to learn something from your foster child. Ask your kiddo to teach you something!
  5. Take a class together. It could be learning how to sail, riding bikes on trails, learning a foreign language and watching a movie in that language or reading a book together in that language.  You could go further and learn about the country or region where that language is spoken. Or you could learn how to make jewelry.  The list is endless.  Half the fun may be just figuring out what that subject or activity is that you want to study together.

Take advantage of the time that summer offers you and your child to explore and learn together.  Let us know what you did by posting on our Facebook page.  I am sure other families will want to learn from your experiences.

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