It’s a Myth That Adoptions Take Forever – 5 Factors to Consider

It’s a Myth That Adoptions Take Forever – 5 Factors to Consider

Five Factors to Consider

Finalization day is the ultimate celebration when it comes to foster-adoption. Adopting from the foster care system can be a lesson in patience. Adoptive families are often frustrated that it takes the legal system time to catch up with the bond that was sealed long ago in their hearts. Foster-adoptions take patience, but it’s a myth that they take forever. Consider:

  • In recent years, the child welfare system has focused on permanency. It’s no longer the norm for children to drift aimlessly in foster care until aging out at 18. Finalizations of foster-adoptions are happening faster and more frequently than ever before.
  • If the termination of parental rights is appealed, it can hang up a finalization. But be assured that in California, appeals must conform to strict timelines, and the appellate court expedites its rulings. What’s more . . .
  • The legal process for adoption can be lengthy, but it protects everybody’s due-process rights. A careless legal glitch could take an adoption off track, making the process more time-consuming. When all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted, at finalization, adoptive parents can assure their foster children that they are truly in a forever family.
  • Social workers are overworked. They are motivated to get kids off their caseloads. And they like to celebrate as much as anybody!
  • When your patience grows thin and it seems like finalization day will never come, Sierra Forever Families will be there for support, education and encouragement until your adoption journey meets that important milestone.

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