Monthly Donor Acknowledgments

Monthly Donor Acknowledgments

Over the last 32 years, Sierra Forever Families has received great support from so many people in the greater Sacramento area who share our passion to find forever families for children in foster care.

Sierra has benefitted from community support in many different ways. Today we want to highlight and celebrate our monthly donors. Through their consistent generosity, these individuals and families demonstrate their commitment to helping children in foster care.

Thank you to the following individuals who have committed to supporting Sierra Forever Families on a monthly basis this year!

Arnie and Marcia Adreani

Carol Andrews

Ronald Rowan and Lisa Beutler

Susan Cawthon

John and Bernie Delgado

Virginia Diliberti

Jim and Karen Dininger

Tori Lee and John Driver

Ronald Ellis

Andrea Glasgow

Joseph and Ruenell Jacobs

Marian Jones

Gene Meyers and Cathy Anderson-Meyers

Drs. William and Christine Newsom

Michael and Gail Pittner

John and Janet Rodgers

Julie and Wil Saqueton

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Steiner

Christopher Thompson and Katherine Carlyon

Jorge and Rosemarie Velasquez

To join these monthly donors in providing Sierra with ongoing support, click here.

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