National Social Work Month

National Social Work Month

March is National Social Work month so we would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to the nearly 600,000 Social Workers nationwide for being the advocates, counselors, listeners and heroes we need.  At Sierra, our Social Workers make a difference by building and nurturing permanent families that will provide our local children in foster care with the love, safety and unconditional commitment they deserve.

In honor of this month, we spoke to one of our Social Workers about the meaningful work that he does.  As any Social Worker can relate, there are difficult moments – emotionally and mentally – in this line of work.  When asked, however, what about the job makes those difficult moments all worth it, he let us know that it’s “encouraging individuals in finding strength in themselves.”
What brings him the most happiness in his profession?  “Seeing a kid get their parent.”
Thank you to our amazing Social Workers!  You all are making very real change in the world, one life at a time:


Jacob Barlow  |  Joycelyn Bradford  |  Pamela Camino  |  Leslie Damschroder  |  Garrett Davis  |  Amanda Dragon
Chris Famiglietti  |  Lana Fredrickson  |  Jennifer Friend  |  Nichole Gavel  |  Allison Guerrero  |  Justina Harston
Jennifer Highley  |  Kacee Holloway  |  Sonya Howell  |  Rosa Martinez  |  Deidra Medrano  |  Joyce Miller  |  Sherri Owens
Tonika Randle  |  Lorena Rosas  |  Christine Ruiz  |  Yolanda Santos  |  Kelsey Smith  |  Erin Somers  |  Debbie Wender


So, be sure to thank a Social Worker this month!

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