Our Community, Our Children

Our Community, Our Children


Every day, 10 children enter the foster care system in the Sacramento region?

African Americans are 11% of the total population in Sacramento, but African American children represent 47% of children currently in group homes?

African American children are the most likely to grow up in the foster care system without finding a forever family?

Within 4 years of emancipation from the foster care system, 65% of young women are pregnant, over 50% have not completed high school, and over 50% end up homeless, in prison, or dead?

Former foster youth are the largest population in the California shelter system?

Did you know? I didn’t until I met Bob Herne, our CEO and accepted his invitation to visit Sierra Forever Families to take a tour.  When he shared those statistics with me, tears began to roll down my cheeks, and I felt so overwhelmed, helpless and unaware.

I said to myself, “How could I be so oblivious? I’m a leader in our community! I’m a mother of 3 beautiful, thriving African American socially conscious children! I have spent the last 10 years in our community fighting for the underserved and marginalized in our community and I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON IN MY OWN BACK YARD!” I was convinced that if I didn’t know, there were many others who didn’t either.

In response to this crisis, Sierra Forever Families is launching an unprecedented campaign “OUR COMMUNITY, OUR CHILDREN”

We are bringing together the regions community, business and faith leaders for a community led initiative to find permanent, safe and loving forever families and mentors for the disproportionate amount of African American children in the Foster Care System in Sacramento County.

If 1 consistent, unpaid, caring person can change the course of a child’s life, imagine the impact an entire community will have in changing the direction of our children’s lives.


There are many ways you can partner with us:

Recruit! We need families and mentors! We believe every child deserves a safe, permanent and loving place to call home.

Consider becoming a parent or mentor! Families are needed to provide loving homes for the disproportionate amount of African American children of all ages in currently in the Sacramento County Foster Care.

Advocate! We need you to be the voice for the children we serve. Spread the word amongst your personal and professional networks.

Donate! Enhance a child’s quality of life.  20% of our annual revenue comes from financial support from the community. Become an individual, corporate sponsor or community partner.

This is our community and they are our children.


Contact Nikki Whitfield for more information about this great new campaign at (916) 368 – 5144 or nwhitfield@sierraff.org.

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