Our Community, Our Children Video

Our Community, Our Children Video

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you grew up without parental support, love, and no place to call home?  In Sacramento County, more than 200 African American children wake up every day with no one to provide them unconditional love, guidance, safety, and stability.

The Our Community, Our Children initiative is a collaborative comprised of community members who are working together to find permanent families for the disproportionate number of Black youth growing up in the Sacramento County foster care system.   Although African Americans comprise only 11% of the total population of Sacramento, African American children represent 47% of children currently living in group homes.

These are our children and we are letting them down.  If these children don’t find permanent, safe and loving families, they will face tragic outcomes such as homelessness, and prison.

However, for those youth who do find loving families, the educational progress of adopted children improves by 50% and 23% are more likely to graduate from high school or earn their GED.  Adopted youth from foster care are 20% less likely to become teen parents, are 22% more likely to be working, have a 50% less chance of being arrested and a 32% lower chance of being incarcerated.

Z, who aged out of foster care told us, “Not once did I feel like I was loved, even when I was in a cool group home. If I had been in a home where I felt loved, it would have changed everything for me.”

M, an African American male who was adopted from foster care at 6 years old and is now serving in the United States Army said, “It was my Dad really believing in me, that helped me get over my anger, and saying you are meant to do more”.

One consistent, loving and unpaid adult can change the course of the life of a child in foster care.

This is our community and they are our children.  They are our future, and they need our help right now. Learn how you can help by watching our video…

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