Our Community, Our Children

Our Community, Our Children

From his earliest years, Deshawn was a witness to domestic violence. He was removed from his home two years ago when Child Protective Services determined that Deshawn’s mother could not provide him with a safe environment. Deshawn spent a year in foster care, while his mom completed a parenting program and other required services. The county returned Deshawn to his mom but unfortunately she was unable to maintain a safe environment and he re-entered foster care. The court determined that Deshawn needed to be removed permanently and a plan of adoption was ordered so that social workers could find him a forever home.

Each day children are removed from homes due to abuse and neglect. They need loving families that will help them heal from the past and make sense of the future. When children are unable to return to their birth families, they need a plan for permanence. Foster care is not a forever family.

Deshawn and his two siblings now live with a family that looks forward to providing permanency to them through adoption. Unfortunately, more than 2,400 children live in out-of-home placement in Sacramento County. Along with the trauma of being removed from their homes and the losses that come with that removal, our children are often torn from their communities and lose the consistency of school, friends, church and familiar surroundings.

Adoption provides a secure, nurturing and supportive home for our children. If the home is in the child’s community, the trauma of moving can be reduced. We need more diverse families that reflect the diversity of children in foster care. Can you open your home and your heart to children like Deshawn? Contact Sierra Forever Families at 916-368-5114 or go to our website www.sierraff.org to learn more about the financial and community support available to families who adopt our children.

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