Our Wonder Moments – A Mentor Shares

Our Wonder Moments – A Mentor Shares

January is National Mentoring Month! We asked a mentor from our Wonder program if they had any stories that demonstrated how Wonder has helped their Explorers, was there a moment when their attitude/confidence changed and did they discover a new-found interest or develop a skill? Check out their response below!

“Collectively, all of the experiences we have shared individually and in group outings with the Wonder program, have contributed to strengthening our relationship and have contributed to my explorer’s sense of self – her identity as a young person, her identity as a young person growing up in the foster care system and her identity as part of a foster-care family that has provided her with love and support for the past 7+ years.

Her experiences with the camp program has definitely had a positive impact – she was a bit shy our first year and didn’t want to try too many new things. The next year, she tried several things – canoeing, archery, etc.; and by the third year, she wanted to take on more leadership – singing/performing at the skit nights or offering to clean up the tables or wanting to help in general. This past year, health issues kept me from attending camp, but she was able to go and I understand that she was even more of a leader than in the past.

Perhaps the most significant moment happened this past December, more than six years after we met. We were having dinner after a day of making and icing dozens of holiday cookies and driving around to see the holiday lights. As we talked about our day, she also began to open up about her biological family and shared things about them that she had never talked about with me in the past. Some of what she said was difficult to hear, but at the same time, I felt as if we had crossed a threshold in our relationship and that, at last, she could trust me with painful memories and stories. I listened and acknowledged her strength and resilience and we sat for a few moments in silence. That one conversation has been one of the most profound interactions I have ever had with anyone in my life. I am thankful and grateful to Wonder and all that it has done to help support, nurture and grow my relationship with my explorer.”

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