Post-Adoption Support Services – A Best Practice

Post-Adoption Support Services – A Best Practice

Finalization is not the last stop of a family’s journey. Raising a child is a lifelong commitment and that is no different for the family that is created when a child is adopted from foster care. Adopt Us Kids recently published a book, “Support Matters…Lessons from the Field on Services for Adoptive, Foster, and Kinship Care Families.” The authors noted, “The challenges facing children and youth in foster care do not go away with adoption finalization.” With this in mind, post-adoption support services were identified as being particularly effective in helping children and families stay together.

The publication highlighted 31 programs from across the country as best practices for post-adoption support services. Sierra Forever Families’ post-adoption services in Placer County and its post-adoption services in 8 rural counties are 2 of the 31 best practices described in “Support Matters.” Sierra’s Permanency Support Services, in collaboration with Placer County, provides wraparound services in which adoptive families can receive therapeutic support, ranging from individual therapy for the child and family, school consultation, skills training and coaching for the child or for the entire family. Sierra’s Permanency Support Services provides parenting skills to help the families’ parent children with emotional and behavioral issues.

In 8 rural counties in northern California, Sierra provides adoptive families with monthly support groups, referral to adoption competent mental health services and trainings, as well as family enrichment activities.

Sierra’s post-adoption support services are available in Sacramento and Nevada counties, as well. The agency’s program provides mental health services for children pre- and post-adoption and their families. Referrals to these services and authorizations are approved by the county of residence, Sacramento, Placer and Nevada counties. Please contact Sierra Forever Families at for further information on these services.

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