“Special Needs” Redefined

When most of us hear the term special needs it brings to mind physical or cognitive disabilities or perhaps a major medical condition.  In the field of child welfare “special needs” is redefined to honor our children who are removed from their biological family and placed in out of home care. It is a broad definition and it can represent:

  • Children age 0-18
  • Children in large siblings groups
  • Children coming from backgrounds of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment and substance abusing  households
  • Children may have a mental health diagnosis
  • Children whose parents may have a history of mental health issues or criminal histories.
  • Children may have developmental or medical challenges and/or disabilities
  • Children who have religious or sexual identities different than your own

We need families who are willing and excited to adopt a child who may have any or more than one of these special needs.

Recognizing that older children in care are particularly more challenging to place into permanent homes, we need families that can open their hearts and homes to children ages 6 and up.  Older children deserve firsts too!  What do we mean by that?  Many older foster youth may never have experienced normal childhood experiences such as going trick or treating, attending summer camp, playing a sport, or being involved in an extra-curricular activity.   Please consider an older child adoption.

Every child removed from his or her family of origin has experienced a profound loss and trauma simply from being removed despite the circumstances that led to their removal.   Sierra Forever Families is actively seeking prospective adoptive parents who can provide a stable, loving and supportive home to help our children grieve those losses and honor their histories, remembering that a child’s story starts before you.  There are thousands of children in the Sacramento region who need a forever family; please consider being that special someone to meet their special needs.

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