Meet The Destination Family Team!

Meet The Destination Family Team!

Destination Family/Title IV-E is rolling out. We have an amazing team of Youth Permanency Social Workers that are child focused and ready to recruit, assess and match families to meet the needs of children that have one ore more barriers to finding permanency and place in adoptive homes. We are working in partnership with Sacramento Child Protective Services (CPS) and as of June 2015, the referrals are beginning to roll our way. We are ready!

Meet the team:

Adele Gray

adele-gray-150x150Adele has been with SFF for 5 years. She has been working on our mental health team as a Youth Skills Trainer. She has recently accepted a promotion and is in the process of transitioning to Destination Family where she will be seeking permanency for the youth she serves. She loves the Dodgers but we don’t hold that against her.


Bonnie Early 

bonnie-early-150x150Bonnie has been with SFF for 3 years. She is stepping out of her clinical role as a therapist and into the role of a Youth Permanency Worker. She will continue to utilize her clinical skills as she reads over home studies finding just the right match for youth. As much as she cares about the youth she serves, she loves the foster kittens she cares for equally.


Manny Frausto 

manny-frausto-150x150Manny is a 5 year veteran of SFF. He has a drive and passion for foster youth, being a foster father himself. Manny works to cultivate amazing partnerships with our county social workers so he can handpick only the best families. Manny balances his drive and determination at work with gardening and socializing with friends.


Melissa McCormack

melissa-mccormack-150x150Melissa is new to our team. She comes to us with 6 years of working with and advocating for foster youth. She is passionate about permanency and knows how vital it is to the success and overall future of foster youth.




Sandy Sertyn

sandy-sertyn-150x150Sandy is our fiery redhead just like the redhead from the program she serves, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. She has been with SFF for 8 years and is the #1 recruiter for the Dave Thomas Foundation and their Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program. She is fully committed to finding forever families for the most difficult to place children. She has finalized more adoptions than any other and has even been an integral member of the task force assigned to training others in the field.


Heather Bollier Yetter

Heather has been with Sierra Forever Families for 8 years; however she has become the Supervisor for the Destination Family/Title IV-E program just in the last month. It is her job to steer this ship of mighty permanency pirates she has on her team. They make each day exciting and she can feel the fire in her grow from all the energy each of them exude. Heather looks forward to seeing where this ship will sail. Let the referrals roll in. They are ready!

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