Wonder Team Building at the Lake

Wonder Team Building at the Lake


Wonder, a mentoring program for children in foster care, continues to seek those experiences which create a moment of awe, surprise, curiosity and above all a new adventure for Explorers. Recently, ten Explorers and their Guides gathered at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center at Lake Natoma. Besides having a day of fun on the water, the overarching goals were to increase the Explorers’ self-confidence and build trust.

The day was filled with team building exercises. One challenge involved two-person kayaks: one Explorer sat in front providing directions for the other Explorer who was blindfolded. Both Explorers were paddling with the goal to round a buoy and return to shore. Efforts generated laughter, lots of splashing, and success after quite of bit of course correction.

Wonder2-300x200Another challenge, requiring more teamwork and communication, included holding a rope between two kayaks with all four occupants paddling out to the buoy and back. One of the Explorers said, “This is harder than it looks!”

Explorer Jessica* showed exceptional determination with every exercise she faced. Her Guide, who has been with Jessica for two years, was surprised by her eagerness to conquer each challenge. Even attempting the “Tension Traverse” did not dampen her desire to finish the course. Later, while riding alone on a Hydro Bike, Jessica realized she needed some help on the way back. Two of her fellow Explorers jumped in the water and guided her safely to shore.

Throughout the day, many more examples of trust and team building occurred along with increases in self-confidence as Explorers experienced challenges in a fun, safe setting.

To learn more about becoming a mentor, contact Kacee at kholloway@sierraff.org or 916.368.5114. Bring a world of Wonder to a child in foster care.

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