Youth in Foster Care are Invisible

Youth in Foster Care are Invisible

Youth in foster care are invisible. Without a permanent home, these children run the risk of moving from school to school as their placements change and falling behind their peers academically. Only 25% of kids in care have 2 or fewer foster homes. With over 3500 children in foster care in the greater Sacramento area, it is likely that there is at least one child in foster care in your children’s school but you wouldn’t know it because nobody talks about it.

Can you imagine growing up without the love and guidance of your parents? That is what these kids face every day. Who is their advocate when they need help in school or have questions on how to deal with an awkward or tough situation? Who can they talk to when they feel alone?

Foster care was designed to be temporary. Every child who ages out of foster care is a testament to our community failure to find the loving family that every child deserves. Without the security, love, and safety that a forever family provides for a child, the youth runs the risk of dropping out of school and becoming homeless. In California, former foster youth passed veterans as the largest component of homeless people. But a forever family changes these statistics dramatically. For those children who find permanency their educational outcomes improve by 50%, they are 22% more likely to be working and are 50% less likely to end up in prison.

At Sierra Forever Families we work hard to find the right forever families for children in foster care. But before we can do that we need to make our community aware that there are children in foster care who need families. No child should grow up in a system. Foster care should not be a permanent solution for any child. No matter how old they are, these youth can benefit from the security and attention that a family provides. It is up to all of us to raise awareness of this invisible group of children in our backyard. Take the time to learn more and visit our website at and attend an info session on how you can provide permanency for one or more of these children.

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